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Shanghai jugee Network Limited company, has an advanced design concepts, and superb technical skills and extensive practical experience,has been honored for well-known multinational corporations and domestic enterprises ,and provide Web site development and construction, and network marketing solution services to them.
our website design department tailord website according the requirements of customers , using the most advanced modern network technologies and site architecture of thought, quick and cost-effective for customers to build enterprise Web site , architecture client's online marketing communications platform.
our website marketing departments are based on customer's business development objectives, combined with Internet media and traditional media, their advantages and characteristics, and online runs through the web site development, construction and planning, promotion, marketing and other activities, take advantage of our In the traditional media (such as major newspapers, television stations, magazines) and online media (such as SINA, SOHU, CHINA.COM, eNET) and other inter-industry partnership to network and through the best marketing system to reach the target population, but more importantly is the response.

Features of Company
All the technical planning staff are from top Internet companies, high-quality technical staff, excellent operating system, low-cost mode of operation so that benefit customers, so we are able to provide customers with a low price of 5 stars high standard of service.Advantages of company
The diathesis of personnel: members of the company with high quality, with rich experience. The company has 5 FLASH designer, 12 graphic designers ,6 Site planning. 5 Asp programmer. 3 PHP programmer.
operation pattern: superior operating system, low-cost operation system so that benefit the costom
Service advantage: provide better services of the same price to customers

Price advantage:
the same service of lower prices to customers
Professional standards in order to win customers with a spirit of service to retain customers ---- it is our belief!

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